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Support us on by downloading songs from Soprano Eugenia Godoy de Masi and Dyane Caputo. At Caputo Children´s Fund we work with hundreds of children to help change their lives. Please help us as generously by making a donation options below. A percentage of all donations are exclusively for charity.

Through your generous donations and gifts our children will get provision of education, good food, medical care, clothing and most of all a chance to know that the God Loves them and can give them hope for the future.

We understand that some people, although noble on heart, cannot afford to make a large charitable donation, however even a small amount can go a long way in funding our Nonprofit Charitable Organization. A person’s charity is not measured by the size of the donation, but rather by the genuineness of the intent.

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Eugenia Godoy de Masi, known Guatemalan Soprano, resides in Italy. Eugenia Godoy, visiting Guatemala, has entertained at the dinner with Christmas songs to raise funds for Caputo Children´s Fund. We are very in debt with such kind person who continually supports our good cause. All costs of traveling, accommodation, dinner, etc., were programmed with her own money.

Soprano singers are those have the highest vocal range. There are four vocal ranges, and soprano is the highest. Some famous soprano singers include Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, and the late Whitney Houston. Some famous classical singers who sing soprano include; Dame Joan Sutherland, Maria Callas, Renee Fleming, Kathleen Battle, and Renata Scotto. Sopranos are usually female singers; however, there are some males who can sing in this range as well, just not as many.

Eugenia has the unique ability to create real people in the sound she emits from her distinctive, dark, and above all, consistent tone. Many sopranos can sing high and loud, but her consistency of sensitivity brings a breathtaking shimmer to each and every note she sings. What’s more impressive is her ability to sustain such glorious sounds in a seemingly effortless manner.  Eugenia’s versatility brings out an element of human truth from the music, which is always so palpable to her audiences.

Dyane Caputo is a versatile bilingual Singer/songwriter performer for different genders of music including Cumbia, Reggaeton, Latin Pop, Romantic, Dance, Freestyle and R&B.

Born in Canada, of an Italian father and of a Guatemalan mother, Dyane always performed in school events, competitions and contests as she grew up. She also received a variety of awards for many performances and also appeared on several TV shows in Guatemala, Canada and the United States. Dyane had concurrently worked on other productions and collaborations with other artists while working on her own production. Her first album has been released. In June/2007 she performed in several Festivals, including 152nd St. Festival in the Bronx, and 116th St. Festival in Manhattan, New York during the Puerto Rican Festival.   

In 2010 Dyane Teams up with Yuyo MC of SGR Records USA as Her Music Production Manager & Prepares for her new album release that features Dance and Club Freestyle Music Produced by Yuyo MC Originator of “Buscando La Razon” (Seeking Reason) on “Destino de Honor” (Destination of Honor). Plus the new CD Compilation of Dan Scott “Scream” which was released in 2011 under SGR Records USA.  

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